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COVID Protocols


As of September 22, 2021, the Ontario Government has implemented a vaccine passport requiring proof of vaccination for entry into non-essential venues across the province. With this system in place all travellers will be required to have received both doses of an approved COVID vaccine at least 14 days prior to taking a tour.

Please bring proof of vaccination along with a piece of photo ID the day of your tour as it will have to be checked by your tour director prior to boarding our coach.

We will no longer be collecting vaccine certifications in office. It will be the travellers responsibility to have these documents with them at all times on your tour as it will be a requirement to enter many of the attractions we visit.

COVID-19 Health & Safety Procedures

The safety of our employees and passengers remains our top priority as we work to responsibly re-open our business! We are going the extra mile and working closely with our partners at Foley Bus Lines & Coach Canada to ensure that our buses will be kept clean & safe based on the current federal guidelines. Outlined below are the new standards and procedures that we will be implementing to ensure everyone who boards our coach is safe! We will continue to monitor the situation and update these procedures if necessary. Please contact either office if you have any further questions!

Updated March 21, 2022


After a short winter break, our tours are have started up once again! Over the past few months there have been a lot of changes to provincial rules and regulations, and we have gotten a lot of questions about our protocols moving forward. Our number one priority is ensuring that everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience on board our tours. Below are a few key updates we would like to pass along for all guests joining any of our tours in the near future.

Capacity: Our buses have returned to full capacity as there are no longer provincial restrictions on capacity limits. This means that single travellers may have to share seats if the tour is full, as it always was prior to COVID.

Vaccine Passports: Because we are returning to full capacity, we will be continuing to require vaccine passports and they will be checked by your tour director prior to boarding the coach. This may change down the line, but until we see more widespread dropping of the passport, and case counts further declining, it will continue to be required.

Masks: Masks will continue to be mandatory on the bus for the foreseeable future amongst all staff and guests. Because we will be full capacity, we feel it is a necessary safety precaution. Unless eating or drinking briefly, we ask that your mask remains securely over your nose and mouth while on board our bus. We understand that many places in Ontario no longer require a mask, and what guests do in those locations is up to them, but if you cannot social distance, we recommend that you do your very best to wear your mask to protect yourself and those around you.

COVID Participation Waivers: We are no longer requiring the covid screening forms as we were previously. If you have received this in a package or on a previous tour in 2021, you are no longer required to bring this on the day of your tour. We do ask that you self screen and if you feel ill, have any covid symptoms, have knowingly been in contact with a positive case or have been asked to quarantine by the government, that you do not attend the tour as planned and let us know.

Loading the Coach: In order to speed up the loading process we ask that all guests load the bus from back to front. Those getting on at the first stop will be asked to make their way to the back of the coach. Due to high demand for front seats, we are only able to reserve these seats with a doctors note or physical disability (wheelchair or walker) noting that you have a medical issue that requires these seats, otherwise, you will be asked to move to the back.

Patience with our team: As we get back to normal, we ask for patience with our staff. With rules & regulations constantly changing, we are doing our best to keep up with and do what we feel is best for our guests comfort and safety. This is a learning curve for many, and our team will do everything they can to enforce these rules.

Tours into the United States: As of April 1st it is no longer required to obtain a negative test to cross the border OR on return to Canada via bus. With this news, we will begin running our popular US itineraries again this spring starting with New York City & Watertown!