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Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have tried to answer a number of questions we are frequently asked when booking our tours. Click the plus sign beside each question to see the answer. If you have a question that isn’t answered below, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information! 

Where are your pickup locations?

Walmart Superstore
1002 Chemong Road
Southwest Corner,K9H 7E2
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TD Bank
1 King Street
K0L 2W0
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Car Pool – Hwy #35
Beside the Ministry of Transportation sand & salt dome
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Tim Horton’s (401 & Consumers)
1 Paisley Court
L1N 9L2
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The pickup locations listed above are available for most tours. Other pickup locations may be available and will be assessed on a per tour basis as requested. Please don’t hesitate to ask, as we do our utmost to accommodate each passenger when possible.

What should I wear for my tour?

We always recommend wearing comfortable shoes and checking the weather beforehand to ensure you are prepared for the conditions on your date of travel. It never hurts to bring a light jacket and to dress in layers so you can add or remove as necessary!

Do I need travel insurance?

We always recommend that each traveller has some sort of travel insurance, especially when leaving the province or the country. You never know what could happen and it is always better to be safe than sorry. We are authorized sellers of Manulife Travel Insurance and would be more than happy to provide a quote for any of your travel needs! 

Can we have food and drink on the bus?

Yes, you may bring your own food and drink onto the bus. At this current time, masks are required on the bus at all times, but may be removed for brief periods of time to have a snack or take a sip of your drink! 

Are there charging ports on the bus for my device?

Yes, all of our motor coaches come equipped with standard electrical ports to charge your device.

How far in advance should I book my trip?

The sooner you book the better! Many of our tours fill up quite quickly and we cannot hold your space without payment. Don’t miss out and secure your space early! 

I'm a solo traveller and would like to be paired with another solo traveller. Can you help?

We get the cost of travelling solo can often be more costly than sharing a room with someone! We would never automatically pair two solo travellers together in the same room without the consent of both parties. If you’re interested finding a travel partner, we’d be happy to put you on a list, and facilitate a connection with other single travellers where you can meet and determine if you would be a good match before committing to a large trip together. 

Who is my tour director?

Though we try to determine our tour director schedule months in advance, changes can happen so we cannot absolutely guarantee who your tour director will be until a few weeks prior to departure.

I have motion sickness and require a seat near the front - can this be facilitated?

Yes, this can be facilitated! However, we do require a doctors note in advance noting that the motion sickness is severe and requires special seating, otherwise we cannot guarantee. Unfortunately we get this request multiple times on almost every tour so we have been forced to reserve it for only those with medical conditions.

I require the use of a walker - can I join the tour?

Of course! We try to make our tours accessible to everyone! Please let the booking agent know when making your reservation so we can add a note to your file. Please also be sure to check the activity level on our brochure to ensure this tour will be suitable for you! Tours marked “light” will likely be no problem, whereas “moderate” and “active” tours may pose an issue depending on your mobility.

If I submit a booking form online, am I fully booked?

Not quite! The form online is only a request for space on the tour. Once filling that out, our team will begin your reservation and call you to take payment and confirm your details. No tour is fully confirmed until payment has been made.

How many people are on each tour?

In a regular year, our tour buses can hold up to 54 passengers. Due to social distancing requirements, we are currently running at slightly reduced capacity and that number depends on current regulations and how many people booked are part of the same social bubble. Of course numbers also depend on number of bookings so you can expect to see on average 20-40 people on any given tour! Certain international tours may have as little as 12 people whereas some of our more popular day tours will see a fuller bus!

My friend and I are getting on the bus at different pickup locations. Can we still sit together?

Certainly! We try our best to make sure everyone gets to sit with their travel companion, despite where they get on the bus. When making your booking, please make note of this to our reservation agent to ensure they put a note on your file for the tour director!

I have dietary restrictions. Can you accommodate for that?

Absolutely! Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, celiac, lactose-intolerant, have food allergies or any other dietary restrictions – we will do our absolute best to accommodate for that. It is important you let us know at the time of booking so we can let the restaurants we will be visiting know in order to plan menu items ahead of time!

Do I have to wear a mask on the bus? What about outside?

At this current time, masks will be mandatory on the bus at all times as per the current laws from the government on Ontario. Your mask may be removed briefly to eat or drink but we ask that you try to keep it on at all times. It is not required outside, but again, we ask that you wear your mask anywhere that you cannot socially distance.